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Building Real World Serverless Apps with Node, Webtask, and Vue

10.20.2017 at Node.js Denver


Chris Sevilleja & Ado Kukic

Serverless applications are all the rage these days, but can they be used to build real world applications? Find out as we build an app that allows you to compare two items and let's the community vote on which is best. In this talk we’ll cover building serverless applications with Node.js and Webtask. We are going to build, secure, and expose a Node.js API and hook it into a front-end client that we will build with Vue.js. You will learn: • Why serverless is awesome • How to build an awesome front-end client with Vue.js • How to add dynamic functionality by building a serverless Express.js app with Webtask • The importance of security and how to implement JSON Web Token authentication and security for your users and API