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C++20: Reaching for the Aims of C++ - Bjarne Stroustrup - CppCon 2021

English --- Out of necessity C++ has been an evolving language. I outline some early ideals for C++, some techniques for keeping the evolution directed, and show how C++20 comes close to many of those ideals. Specific topics includes type-and-resource safe code, generic programming, modularity, and the elimination of the preprocessor. Naturally, over the years, C++ has acquired many “barnacles” that can become obstacles to developing elegant and efficient code. That has been a recognized problem since the early days of C – Dennis Ritchie and I talked about it – so we must distinguish between what can be done and what should be done. The C++ Core Guidelines is the current best effort in that direction.
--- Bjarne Stroustrup C++: history, design, use, standardization, future; performance, reliability; software developer education; distributed systems
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