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C++23 Standard Library Preview - Jeff Garland - CppCon 2021

English --- Despite the pandemic the C++ committee is continuing to work towards C++23. This survey presentation provides students with a broad overview of the changes and new facilities in the C++23 standard library.
The changes include a major expansion of ranges - including new view types like ~zip~ and algorithms like ~fold~ and ~starts_with~. For i/o there's a number of extensions to ~std::format~ facilities as well as a new i/o stream type, ~span_stream~ that allows for user supplied buffers in for i/o. In containers, we see the addition of ~flat_map~ and ~flat_set~. ~std::stacktrace~ provides a badly needed debugging capability. More ~constexpr~ library facilities include ~type_info~, ~std::variant~ and ~std::optional~. For interfaces with C there are changes for atomics and ~out_ptr~ to help with resource management. For functional programming monadic interfaces on ~optional~ are provided.
Fast paced, and chock full of example codes, this tutorial will focus on practical application of the new c++23 standard library facilities. Some of these topics will be covered very briefly, but with pointers in the slides for further study. The tutorial is up to date with the latest working draft will include pointers to current implementations as well as the state of compiler support.
--- Jeff Garland
Jeff Garland has worked on many large-scale, distributed software projects over the past 30+ years. The systems span many different domains including telephone switching, industrial process control, satellite ground control, ip-based communications, and financial systems. He has written C++ networked code for several large systems including the development high performance network servers and data distribution frameworks.Mr. Garland’s interest in Boost started in 2000 as a user. Since then he has developed Boost.date_time, become a moderator, served as a review manager for several libraries (including asio and serialization), administered the Boost wiki, and served as a mentor for Google Summer of Code. Mr. Garland holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Arizona State University and a Bachelor of Science in Systems Engineering from the University of Arizona. He is co-author of Large Scale Software Architecture: A Practical Guide Using UML. He is currently Principal Consultant for his own company: CrystalClear Software, Inc.
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