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C++ Coding with Neovim - Prateek Raman - CppCon 2022

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C++ Coding with Neovim - Prateek Raman - CppCon 2022
If the command line has ever piqued your interest, specially using Vim/Neovim for C++ coding, but you have some reservations about losing access to IDE like features, wonder no more. This talk will present a productive C++ development environment on the Command Line using Neovim and LSP. LSP (Language Server Protocol) is the protocol which powers semantic auto-completion and intellisense in modern IDEs and we'll learn how Neovim's built-in LSP client integrates seamlessly with language servers to provide a rich editing experience.
Neovim is a modern editor built on top off the giant shoulders of Vim, and lets us have all the speed and efficiency of Vim as we edit code, while also providing rich support for C++ coding with intellisense and auto-completion via LSP. Along the way we'll also demonstrate Neovim's rich LSP aware plugin ecosystem for project navigation and IDE like workflows, all on the command line.
Even if you're comfortable with Vim/Neovim, but would like to learn how to level up the experience with modern IDE features, you will find this talk interesting. ---
Prateek Raman
Senior Software Engineer at Bloomberg Lp, working on the IB chat platform offered with Bloomberg Professional Service. ---
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