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C++ Lambda Idioms - Timur Doumler - NDC TechTown 2022


Ever since they were introduced in C++11, lambdas have been an essential language feature. Each subsequent standard added more functionality: we got generic lambdas and init captures in C++14, constexpr lambdas in C++17, default-construction and assignment, explicit template arguments and more in C++20, and even more possibilities are coming in the upcoming C++23 standard.
In this talk, we are looking at various interesting things you can do with lambdas. Some of these are well-established, useful idioms; others are lesser known, surprising tricks. Have you ever inherited from a lambda? Can you think of three different ways to call a lambda recursively? Do you know what happens if we assign an immediately-invoked lambda expression to a static variable? If not, then this talk is for you.
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