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C++ Parallel Programming Models - Eran Gilad


Modern C++ offers a wealth of parallel programming facilities. Those facilities belong to 3 different programming models: unstructured, task-based and data parallel. The unstructured model (or rather, non-model) contains the basic building blocks – threads, atomics, mutex etc. The task-based model contains async, future and related classes. The data parallel model, recently introduced in C++17, contains the various parallel algorithms. The 3 models aren’t just different abstraction levels – each is appropriate for a different program structure.
This talk will review the 3 models, describe the central facilities used by each model, and discuss the expected use case for each one. Since many of the parallelism facilities have been added to the language in C++11, the talk will not focus on the facilities themselves but rather put them in the context of a programming model. The talk will, however, include new C++17 and expected C++20 features, where appropriate.
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