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C++ to the RISCue! A Practical Guide for Embedded C++20 - Kris Jusiak - CppCon 2021

English --- Embedded developers don't have to settle/suffer anymore due to ancient toolchains' support!
There are tools available that let you use C++20 in embedded systems to gain real performance benefits.
Moreover, these tools are available ONLINE and include hardware simulators, which makes it very easy to get started without spending a lot of money or time to gear up.
In this case study, we will take a look into a full Software Development (including testing/simulation) for Embedded devices with C++20.
And we will do it fully using only ONLINE tools with reusable source code for popular microcontrollers.
Let's get ready for ARMing developers with C++20 at CppCon-2021!
--- Kris Jusiak
Kris is a Software Architect passionate about programming and who has worked in different industries over the years including telecommunications, games and most recently finance for Quantlab Financial, LLC. He has an interest in modern C++ development with a focus on performance and quality. He is an open-source enthusiast with multiple open-source libraries where he uses template meta-programming techniques to support the C++ rule - "Don't pay for what you don't use" whilst trying to be as declarative as possible with a help of domain-specific languages. Kris is also a keen advocate of extreme programming techniques, Test/Behavior Driven Development and truly believes that 'the only way to go fast is to go well!'.
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