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Can C++ be 10x Simpler & Safer? - Herb Sutter - CppCon 2022

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Can C++ be 10x Simpler & Safer? (Simplifying C++ #9 of N) - Herb Sutter - CppCon 2022
Since CppCon 2015, all of Herb’s talks have been about ways to evolve C++ to make it simpler, safer, and more toolable. Every release of ISO C++ has already been making regular incremental “10%” improvements in these areas. But what are the fundamental factors that limit our rate of improvement, and what would it take to make greater progress? Like every year, Herb’s talk will explore selected current pain points and describe experimental ideas to address them that might someday contribute toward C++’s long-term evolution. ---
Herb Sutter
Herb is an author, designer of several Standard C++ features, and chair of the ISO C++ committee and the Standard C++ Foundation. His current interest is simplifying C++. ---
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