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Can software developers draw pictures? - Honey Sukesan - CppCon 2020

English --- In this quick session, I would like to give an overview of some text to diagram free tools useful for software design / project management diagrams.
--- I'm an embedded software developer working currently in Vehicle Engineering domain. I'm part of a team helping my employer to build vehicle software platform for our next generation cars. My previous domain experience was mostly with embedded healthcare domain where I got the opportunity to work in various projects servicing healthcare giants like Toshiba, GE healthcare, Medtronic and Covidien.
My first programming love is C++ as it's the first language I learned in school when I was 15. As an embedded software developer, I usually get the opportunity to program in C and C++ interchangeably and occasionally Python too.
I'm really happy to witness how C++ is growing from C++98 days to the upcoming C++23. However I'm struggling hard to get in pace with the language. CppCon is a gem and I am grateful for the opportunity and being titled as a "CppCon Lightning talk speaker".
I'm interested in professional networking; learning and sharing knowledge; reusing best practices/standards from other software domains. You will often find me in many virtual meetups these pandemic
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