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Career Cruise - Nourchene Ferchichi


💻 Presented by WWCode Data Science
Speaker: Ashmi Banerjee, Nourchene Ferchichi Topic: Career Cruise - Interview #3
Career Cruise is an interview series to guide you through tech career development! This is the third session in this series.
Guest: Nourchene Ferchichi About Nourchene: As part of her job as Artificial Intelligence Research Engineer, Nourchene solves multilingual Natural Language Processing (NLP), Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Text To Speech (TTS) problems. She also works on developing multilingual conversational AI systems for production. Through her journey as a Google Developer Expert (GDE) in Machine Learning (ML), she had the opportunity to teach ML courses across multiple universities, to deliver online and onsite workshops and participate in worldwide tech conferences. She is also a mentor in the Google for Startups Accelerator Middle East and North Africa Program. She offers advice to startups while helping them use Deep Learning in their solutions and products. Nourchene is also training as a competitive CrossFit athlete. This sport activity taught her how to manage a healthy work-life balance and helping her tackle hectic days while staying productive.
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