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Career Cruise - Zarreen Reza


💻 Presented by WWCode Data Science
Speaker: Ashmi Banerjee, Zarreen Reza Topic: Career Cruise - Interview #4
Career Cruise is an interview series to guide you through tech career development! This is the third session in this series.
Guest: Zarreen Reza About Zarreen: Zarreen is working as an AI Research Scientist, where she delights in working at the intersection of high-quality research, data science and applied machine learning to produce innovative ML solutions for EV charging stations. Aside from her role as an AI scientist, she also gets herself involved in many open-source projects and participating in hackathons. She also served as Leadership Fellow of Women Who Code for 2021-22 where she led the Data Science Track in organising free events, workshops and building a community that helps women excel in STEM roles. She likes to start her day with 10 minutes of Yoga and a cup of hot chocolate.
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