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Career Escape Room


Presented by WWCode Boston Searching for that perfect job, one where you are motivated and passionate, is like finding your way out of an escape room. You need to use the right clues to solve the puzzle. If you do this with a team to help you, you will solve it even faster. In this escape room challenge, you will learn how to find the right clues and construct a team that will lead you to solve this career puzzle.
Join Susi Burke and Melissa Jurkoic for an interactive session presented as an escape room challenge that will encourage discussion and exploration of the clues, the “drivers”, that can help you escape the trap of going down an unsatisfying career path. Learn how to create your own “dream team” - those connections that can help you discover what a fulfilling life looks like. They will give you the tools to take on the process of reviewing your drivers and involving your dream team throughout your life so you can follow the path that is most rewarding to you.
--- SUSI BURKE | @susibtweets After 30+ years in the tech industry, name a tech job and Susi has probably done it - from Software Engineer to Chief Product Officer, using skills ranging from development and analysis to database design, UI/UX, project and product mgmt and strategy. Over the last few years, she started feeling like she should be needed to be doing something different with her life, something more. She gathered her own “dream team” and started a process of self-discovery to determine what motivated her. Armed with the knowledge that making a difference, problem solving, mentoring and bringing value to people were the drivers that made her want to jump into each day, she took a huge leap. She left the company where she had worked for 30 years to have more time to dedicate to having a positive impact in the world.
Currently she is advising several social good startups (Phin, Kikori and CVKE) and nonprofits (Educational Passages), as well as mentoring individuals, presenting at schools, and volunteering as Lead for Leadership and Life Skills for Women Who Code Boston. She is passionate about encouraging diversity and inclusion in tech and is working on expanding her reach and impact in resolving this critical issue.
MELISSA JURKOIC | @melissa_jurkoic Melissa Jurkoic is currently the Chief Customer Experience Officer at addapptation where she and her team accelerate customers’ strategic objectives using the addapptation platform. For over 20 years as a technologist, she has been connecting with both technical and business audiences to lead strategic initiatives to successful outcomes. She holds a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from the University of New Hampshire, an executive certification in Management and Leadership from MIT and a SAFe Program Consultant (SPC4) certification. Driven by her passion to have a positive impact on the decline of women in STEM education and careers, she has volunteered for the last decade with organizations around the world including ChickTech, Everwise, WITI, NH Tech Alliance, Microsoft DigiGirlz, wiseHer and She continues to pursue opportunities every day to advocate, educate and encourage women and girls to pursue careers in technology. Her passion for diversity and inclusion led her to co-found Diversify Thinking, an initiative focused on moving inclusion from conversation to action.
Along with her team, Melissa organizes mentoring programs and creates opportunities for collaboration among diverse thinkers through their Rise & Diversify Breakfast Series. Melissa also believes in the power of storytelling and connection through her writing and launched her blog at in January 2019. She has always lived in the Northeast and now makes her home in Newmarket, New Hampshire with her family.
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