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Career Transition (From a Developer to a Product Owner)


Presented by WWCode Hyderabad Speakers: Ashwini Malthankar
Are you curious and driven to solve a user’s problem? You could be a successful product owner.
What is it like to be a product owner is like? What are the key responsibilities of product owner? How should one take on such role and be successful?
Let's hear the journey of Ashwini Malthankar in navigating a Product Owner from being involved in product development. Ashwini would share her story as well as lessons' learned along the way.
About Ashwini Malthankar:
Ashwini is Principal Product Manager at Oracle, based out of Bangalore. She is an innovative Product Owner with attention to detail and thorough approach to defining requirements. She is currently responsible for building and growing the "Data as a Service" Platform for Oracle’s Software as a Service (SaaS) portfolio.
Apart from her work, Ashwini is a travel enthusiast and considers travel as the best way to know associated culture and history. She took a year's break to pursue her dreams such as experiencing sky diving and scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef.
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