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Careers in the Age of Accelerations: Crafted Roadmap or Drunkard's Walk? Anjali Leon #AgileIndia2020


The rules of the game have changed! Studies indicate that by the year 2030, half of jobs will be ones that do no exist today and half the jobs of today will no longer exist. The volatility, uncertainty, and ambiguity ushered in by this age of accelerations extends not just to our environment, politics, and communities, but our organizations as well. In response, organizations are undergoing a massive transformation in technology, structure, culture, and values - fundamentally changing not only what we work on, but how we work, and who we work with.
Where does this leave our careers? If answering the question 'Where do you see yourself five years from now?' leaves you stuck, uncertain, confused and/or anxious, you are not alone.
Join me for 'Careers in the Age of Accelerations'. During this workshop, we will look back at your career and look ahead at organizational and cultural trends, and understand the skills and capabilities for new and emerging roles. Build the awareness and confidence to take control and navigate a career aligned to the future of work and guided by your Ikigai (reason for being).
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