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Changing the “S” in SDLC to Secure


Presented by WWCode Cincinnati Speaker: Penelope Rozhkova
Cybersecurity has become increasingly important and is a vital part of a secure digital world. In this presentation, Penelope will share her knowledge and expertise on this topic. Beginning with a quick review on how to integrate secure coding at each step of the Software Development Life Cycle, she will then discuss the top application vulnerabilities and mitigation techniques to defend against known attacks, and explain the three approaches to threat modeling. She will wrap things up with recommendations on how to try your hand on the other side through gamified Red Team challenges where your coding skills will give you a decided advantage.
Penelope Rozhkova is a lifelong learner, which is one of the reasons that cybersecurity appeals to her so much. She has two bachelors and a masters in other fields, and is now studying all things cyber, earning another degree and several certifications in the field. You can often find her sitting in on virtual classes these days. She is so often in Black Hills Information Security classes, they added her to their insider group “Friends of BHIS,” also lovingly known as the Nerd Herders at the Wild West Hackin’ Cast virtual events. You might even stumble upon cameo appearances on their newscast or Back Doors & Breaches demos found on YouTube or Twitch. An educator at heart, she is excited to share her expertise with audiences whenever given the opportunity. She looks forward to seeing you at an upcoming talk.
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