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Code Analysis ++ - Anastasia Kazakova - NDC TechTown 2022


Martin Fowler once wrote that high-quality software is actually cheaper to produce than low-quality software. We agree with that sentiment, and we warmly welcomed the C++ Core Guidelines when they were introduced in 2015. Research and surveys conducted in the C++ Community consistently demonstrate the popularity of the Clang family of tools, as well as the growing demand for static analysis to be added to code editors.
In this talk, we’ll explore the current capabilities of existing C++ static analyzers and discuss some of the enforcements listed in the C++ Core Guidelines from a toolability aspect. We’ll also look into the recent “Simplify C++” trend in the language’s evolution, and to wrap things up we’ll take a look at how technology-specific analysis (like MISRA and AUTOSAR) is being adopted.
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