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Code Factorization: How to Organize Boilerplate Code - Jaewon Seo - JSConf Korea


Boilerplate code (repeatedly used pieces of code) is often the main culprit of unnecessary complexity and cognitive overload in programming. That's why many books and experienced programmers tell us to avoid it, and we try our best by employing all kinds of methods, like inheritance and abstraction.
Despite this constant effort, we often still encounter boilerplate code. Sometimes, we run into 'boss' boilerplate code, which we just don't know how to deal with.
This talk is for those of you who's tired of this endless battle. I will talk about ‘code factorization’, a technique that will help you gain an edge in the war against boilerplate codes. After this talk, you will be able to declare with confidence: veni, vidi, vici.