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Codemotion Berlin 2019 I Becoming a team, one pixel at a time -Lena Reinhard, CircleCI


Psychological safety is one of the leading indicators of high performing teams. Yet, building trust can be difficult when your team is distributed or largely interacts on screens. In this talk, I will share my learnings on how to hone connection, communication, and collaboration on distributed teams. We will how to utilise these to help your engineers shape their day-to-day interactions to build relationships, create trust, and foster an inclusive culture – and how this will help you become more strategic and build highly aligned, well-connected and strong teams that deliver great products.

About: Lena Reinhard, Director of Engineering - CircleCI
Lena is currently Director of Engineering at CircleCI. After a career in finance, arts, and media, Lena found herself working in tech and at age 26 co-founded her first software company and became a CEO. Over the years, Lena has been supporting distributed engineering organisations around the world, helping them deliver great products while continuously learning through inclusive cultures and growth-oriented feedback. She is also a proficient writer, photographer, and forever a learner.