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Codemotion Berlin 2019 I Hypergrowth - lessons learned from tripling the size of a tech team


When a company grows changes are inevitable, but what happens when the growth is very fast? What should we expect as engineers, tech leads or engineering managers? What will break, what will keep working? How can we prepare at best? In this talk, I’ll share my experience at SuperAwesome where we scaled our product and engineering team up from 15 to 45+ people. I’ll walk through the key cultural, managerial, and technical challenges that we faced, the inflexion points encountered, the mistakes made, and all the lessons learned in this fantastic journey!

About: Piergiorgio Niero, Head of Engineering - SuperAwesome
With 15+ years of experience across the web, gaming and IT automation industries, Piergiorgio is pioneering the kidtech space as Head of Engineering at SuperAwesome (the fastest growing UK tech company as ranked by the Financial Times). He leads the engineering team that enables a safer internet for kids, and shares with them his passion for building things that never existed before.