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Codemotion Berlin 2019 I Lazy Engineering, Jake Levine, Staff Software Engineer - Meetup


It’s okay to be lazy! Laziness is your mind telling you that something might be overly complicated or difficult. This feeling can be taken advantage of to help you grow as a developer! Engineering problems often have infinite solutions, and in this talk, we will discuss how to follow your lazy instinct to find ones that are simpler and faster, and ironically allow you to become much more productive! We will question project requirements that sound hard, we look at how to limit the amount of work your brain needs to do, and we will find out how to ‘get comfy’ in your environment.

About: Jake Levine, Staff Software Engineer - Meetup
I am a Staff Software Engineer who has been with Meetup for 9 years. I joined the team as an intern while studying Software Engineering at McGill University in Montreal, QC. I recently moved to Berlin, Germany from NYC to help Meetup open it's first ever office in Europe. I have had many roles in my time with the company, including being a manager and engineering lead. Outside of work, my primary interests are travel and food - in particular I love Japanese food, and love going to new places and especially exploring Europe!