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Codemotion Berlin 2019 I Lessons from Scaling Analytics at Lyft - George Xing


I joined Lyft in February 2014 as the first analytics hire. Since then the business has grown over 100x to a transportation platform serving millions of riders and drivers every week. Analytics drove many of the key decisions that led to our growth, and this talk will cover how we did this and what we learned through the process. Topics will include the role of analytics, how to organize/scale analytics teams, how to hire analysts, prioritization and having impact, and the future of analytics.
About: George Xing, Head of Analytics - Lyft
George leads the analytics team at Lyft, where he joined as the first analytics hire and scaled the team over the last 5 years. He's worked on problems across a number of different business areas, including growth, marketplace, operations, and finance. Prior to Lyft, he worked as a data scientist at the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo and in fixed income research at Morgan Stanley. George is passionate about using data and scientific rigor to drive decision-making.