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Collaborative C++ Development with Visual Studio Code - Julia Reid - CppCon 2020

English --- Do you contribute to open-source projects or share projects with coworkers and classmates? In this talk, you’ll learn how optimize Visual Studio Code for collaborative, cross-platform C++ development. This talk will cover recommended tools and extensions for collaborative, cross-platform development, diving deep into the C++ extension, the CMake Tools extension, the GitHub Pull Requests and Issues extension, and the Live Share extension.
During this session, we’ll build and submit a PR to an open-source CMake project in Visual Studio Code, interacting with GitHub pull requests and issues directly in the editor. You’ll also learn how to create Live Share sessions for an nontraditional pair programming experience, where you can work together while retaining personal editor preferences as well as having your own cursor. Throughout the demo, we’ll showcase Visual Studio Code’s rich, productive editing and debugging features for C++ development.
--- Julia Reid Julia is a program manager on the Visual C++ team at Microsoft, focusing specifically on Visual Studio Code. Because Julia comes from a background of C++ development, she has a passion for enhancing and simplifying C++ development experiences for programmers of all levels. Within Visual Studio Code, Julia focuses specifically on the C++ extension.
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