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Compile-Time Compression and Resource Generation with C++20 - Ashley Roll - CppCon 2021

English --- C++20 compile-time features can generate complex resources while simplifying code and ensuring correctness. You can generate USB descriptors, compressed data/strings, lookup tables, or even microcontroller configuration fuses.
In this session we will start from simple examples and progress through the challenges in building compile-time libraries, and then present techniques you can use to create your own header-only libraries with simple-to-use interfaces with lambdas providing user data in the constexpr context.
This session is directly relevant to those working in resource-constrained environments like embedded devices, but these techniques can be used in the wider C++ community.
--- Ashley Roll
Ashley has over 25 years of experience as a software engineer and architect working as an independent contractor in Brisbane, Australia. He has worked in large and small projects spanning web applications, desktop applications, business systems as well as embedded hardware and firmware.He has worked on systems as small as 8 bit microcontrollers, and as large as cloud infrastructure running microservice architectures. He enjoys applying modern C++ to bare metal firmware to build better solutions.
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