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"Complexities of Color in Computing" by Ellen Wondra


Most of us don't question the assumptions we make about color and how we implement it in the technology we build, beyond perhaps a quick contrast check. This inattention to color is a grave mistake, as the history of color in computing is vibrant, and its impact on our lives can be significant! In this talk, we learn about the difference between Euclidean distance and delta-e between colors, and how it can break ADA compliance, crash your AI, and trick your facial recognition software into thinking you don't exist, all without raising an eyebrow.
Handwork (knitting, crocheting, cross-stitching, etc.) during encouraged.
Ellen Wondra @ln1draw
Ellen Wondra is a 6 foot 7 fire-breathing mountain goat in the wilds of Eastern Washington. I'm just kidding, but I had you worried for a minute there, huh? Ellen was a member of the inaugural class of the Ada Developers Academy in the Fall of 2014 and it has given her an immense amount of respect for the value of empathy, community, and humanity in technology. She likes working at the intersection of technology and art, particularly the fiber arts. She has cross-stitched more than a few QR codes, and her favorite side project is probably Stitchifier, a gem that takes a picture and returns a counted cross-stitch pattern. Ask Her About Her Cats.