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Composable C++: Principles and Patterns - Ben Deane - CppCon 2021

English --- Programming consists of two activities:
1. Breaking down a problem in parts small enough to understand and implement. 2. Composing the parts to build up functionality and solve the original problem.
That second step is where complexity has an unfortunate tendency to show up, time and time again.
In this talk, I will highlight some recipes and principles for crafting code that can be more beautifully composed. We'll see how to build on composition-friendly types and patterns and leverage them to achieve simpler code, and in turn how this allows us to use those composable pieces to solve not just the original problem but sibling problems.
I'll show useful techniques in crafting composable interfaces: at the function level, considering types; at the object level, considering patterns; at the larger structural level, considering hierarchies, traversal and execution choices. These techniques are equally applicable to "traditional" run-time polymorphic code and to code that uses compile-time polymorphism.
--- Ben Deane
Ben was a game programmer for over 20 years, working in C++ since the late 90s, for companies like EA and Blizzard. In 2018 he left the games industry to join Quantlab, an automated trading firm, where he writes modern, well-performing C++. He likes to play with algorithms, and to make the type system work for him, and he’s always looking for useful new techniques. Ben is the presenter of several previous C++Now and CppCon talks.
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