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Continuous Deployment in a heavily regulated environment

11.05.2017 at NodeConfEU


Lisa Gagarina (JP Morgan Chase & Co)

Continuous Deployment is a trendy term used to describe the approach of constantly delivering software to users in an efficient and reliable manner. But it's easier said than done. There's no go-to strategy to achieve this, and approaches vary wildly among different companies and teams. Now, to complicate matters further, imagine you are working for one of the world's largest investment banks, with endless regulations for developers to comply with before they can release software to end users. Our team is the first in the company to get Node.js application Continuously Deployed to Production. In this talk we would like to share our experience, discuss the perks — and pitfalls — of Continuous Deployment, and look at the future development of our approach.
Lisa Gagarina is an Application Developer at JPMorgan Chase & Co. in Glasgow, UK. Focusing on developing Node.js applications for the last few years of her career she is also closely engaged in frontend JavaScript development. She likes the dynamic nature of the language and its ability to grow in line with developers’ needs. Lisa believes that JavaScript and its vigorous community give you numerous tools to develop amazing software. Being part of the huge financial institution, she is challenging herself to constantly contribute to company’s technology growth, in which Node.js and JavaScript are definitely big players.