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Continuous Integration vs Feature Branch Workflow • Dave Farley • GOTO 2021


We’re so pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with Dave Farley, author of “Continuous Delivery” and frequent GOTO Conferences speaker, for a monthly video series featuring ideas about continuous delivery, DevOps, test-driven development, BDD, software engineering and software development in general.
Find plenty more from Dave on his Continuous Delivery YouTube channel:
Dave Farley - Continuous Delivery & DevOps Pioneer, Award-winning Author, Founder & Director of Continuous Delivery Ltd.
ABSTRACT Continuous Integration and Feature Branching are both very popular ways of organising work in a development team, but they are mutually exclusive for most cases. This is counter to what many, maybe most people think. In this video Dave Farley explains the difference and why the two are largely mutually exclusive, and then explains how to live in the CI world by describing three different approaches to keeping the software working as it evolves.
Software engineering, any engineering, is all about trade-offs, the trade-off at the heart of CI is that to avoid conflicts our aim is to integrate our code with that of our co-workers as close to “continuously” as we can, that means that we can’t afford to wait until we are finished. If we take that idea one step further into Continuous Delivery, then every change may end up being deployed into production, so we need to grow our software, through many small changes, committing multiple times per-day, and be comfortable that, at any point in that process, the software may be released into production. How do we use ideas like dark-launching, branch-by-abstraction and feature-flags to help?
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