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Contributing To Open Source

Open Source

Presented by WWCode DFW
The majority of software libraries that companies use are open source. Interestingly it works great, as it allows companies to focus on their core business logic, rather than reinventing the wheel for common implementation scenarios. Contributing to open source can in many ways boost one's career as it is an opportunity to gain professional experience in developing and maintaining software that gets used around the globe. Besides, it opens up possibilities to network and collaborate with the brightest minds. This talk will dive deep into what goes behind contributing to open source, how to get started and ways to utilize it as a tool to build one’s professional portfolio. We will also walk through a live example of making an open-source contribution at GitLab.
Speaker bio: Aishwarya works as a Backend Engineer and serves as a Merge Request Coach at GitLab. Being a Merge Request Coach, she actively works with the community and helps get contributions to production. Connect with Aishwarya at:
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