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Cool New Stuff in Gdb 9 and Gdb 10 - Greg Law - CppCon 2021

English --- GDB is bigger than you might think, and it's evolving fast. This is a depth-first walk through what's been added in versions 9 and 10. Depth-first meaning that no prior knowledge of these features is assumed, but even if you've used them before there should be plenty new for you. Few slides, lots of live demos. Some brand new things and some neat new additions to existing features. Topics include the new debuginfod facility; user-defined commands; enhancements to super-useful convenience variables such as $_siginfo, $_gdb_setting, $_gdb_setting_str; enhancements to TUI mode; how to add new TUI windows from GDB's Python scripting; advanced querying of types from GDB's Python scripting; and enhanced configuration of backtrace printing. You should learn at least two new tricks that will make improve you debugging effectiveness, and so make you a better programmer.
--- Greg Law
Greg is co-founder and CTO at Undo. He is a programmer at heart, but likes to keep one foot in the software world and one in the business world. Greg finds it particularly rewarding to turn innovative software technology into real business development. Greg has over 20 years of experience in both academia and innovative start-up software companies.
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