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Creating an Angular Progressive Web App: which option will work better for you?

12.08.2017 at NG-BE 2017


Maxim Salnikov

We have at least two very interesting options to create an Angular PWA. First, the native Angular Service Worker (NGSW) by the Angular team, super-powered by Angular CLI and some extra ng-pwa-tools. Second, the all new framework-agnostic Workbox library by the Google Chrome team.
What's easier to set up for your Angular app? What has wider functionality? What's faster and more robust? Let's go exploring, coding and testing! You will have 100% full overview of these two approaches after my session, but the final decision is yours!"
Maxim is a Web front-end engineer from Oslo and a Google Developer Expert in Web technologies & IoT. He is active as a public tech speaker & trainer and founder of Mobile Era & ngVikings.