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Cross-Platform Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them - Erika Sweet - CppCon 2020

English --- C++ cross-platform development is difficult. These difficulties are compounded by the fractured solution field, where every project seems to use a different combination of build systems, package managers, and diagnostic tools to address shared challenges. Join us for a discussion and demo of C++ cross-platform development centered on common pitfalls and widely adopted tooling.
Learn how to leverage CMake to seamlessly build across operating systems and platforms. Untangle your dependencies with tools like vcpkg and Conan to avoid inconsistencies between system package managers. Debug your projects across multiple platforms with Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code. We’ll also take a brief look into how to use CI and testing to get in front of issues before they even happen.
--- Erika Sweet Program Manager, Microsoft Erika is a Program Manager on the Visual C++ Team at Microsoft. She likes math and mystery novels. She is currently working on developer tools to support C++ cross-platform development.
--- Streamed & Edited by Digital Medium Ltd - [email protected]