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Cryptominoes. Secure P2P dominoes game

11.05.2017 at NodeConfEU


Eduardo Sorribas Canela (Founders)

DOMINOES! Not the pizza, the game. It's really popular in my home country of the Dominican Republic. But in Europe, people don't play it so much. I could always play online with my friends back home, but that would mean trusting a centralised server to shuffle the pieces fairly, and I don't trust centralised authorities, I'm Dominican. So I decided to build a fully P2P, secure dominoes game in javascript. I'll show how I used weird cryptography, cool npm modules, and new exciting things like WebAssembly to do this.
Eduardo Sorribas is a software developer based in Copenhagen. He works for startup studio Founders, being involved in the development of several of the startups created here. He also works on several open source node.js modules such as mongojs and phantom-render-stream. On his spare time, he likes to play around with different technologies such as p2p and cryptography.