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CSET '20 - HAI 1.0: HIL-based Augmented ICS Security Dataset


HAI 1.0: HIL-based Augmented ICS Security Dataset
Hyeok-Ki Shin, Woomyo Lee, Jeong-Han Yun, and HyoungChun Kim, The Affiliated Institute of ETRI
Datasets are paramount to the development of AI-based technologies. However, the available cyber-physical system (CPS) datasets are insufficient. In this paper, we introduce HAI dataset 1.0 (, the first CPS dataset collected using the HAI testbed. The HAI testbed comprises three physical control systems, namely a GE turbine, Emerson boiler, and FESTO water treatment systems, combined through a dSPACE hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulator. We built an environment to remotely and automatically manipulate all components of a feedback control loop. Using this environment, we collected HAI dataset 1.0 while repeatedly running a large number of benign and malicious scenarios for a long period with minimal human effort. We will continue to improve the HAI testbed and release new versions of the HAI dataset.
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