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Custom Views for the Rest of Us - Jacob Rice - CppCon 2021

English --- C++20's views are an exciting and powerful new feature, and while the standard includes several views to get you started, there is plenty of room for improvement. Third-party libraries such as range-v3 can help, but how hard would it be to write one for your own application?
This talk will provide an introduction to how views work, along with solutions to common problems that you may encounter when trying to implement your own views. It will also go into some depth on a few of the shortcomings in the C++20 implementation of views and how they can be improved in future versions, as well as some possible workarounds that you can use in the meantime.
--- Jacob Rice
Jacob is a software engineer for Keysight Technologies in Colorado Springs, CO. He specializes in legacy code modernization, template library utility design, and system architecture. While he is a proponent of clean code in the workplace, he's also a big fan of esoteric and overly complex template metaprogramming code in his free time.
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