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Data Orientation For The Win! - Eduardo Madrid - CppCon 2021

English --- C++ conferences have had presentations showing the important performance benefits of data-oriented design principles; however, the principles seem to require lots of "manual" effort and "code uglification"; these make the principles less practical, and there haven't been clear recommendations about how to deal with runtime-polymorphic types.
In this talk we will recapitulate on data orientation principles and their benefits showing their application through production-strength Generic Programming components made to support them.
Specific examples include: 1. Structures of arrays instead of arrays of complex structures (a.k.a. "scattering") 2. Support for data oriented designs for runtime-polymorphism without inheritance+virtual (the equivalent of using std::variant or std::function, but generalized as allowed by the Zoo type-erasure framework) ----1. Hybrid buffers: the equivalent of the virtual table pointer is scattered out of the objects solving the "Goldilocks problem" of how big the local buffer should be, objects occupy the available space optimally ----2. Easy (de)serialization through very easy relocatability ----3. Voiding the need for pointers in favor of indices into arrays
--- Eduardo Madrid
Eduardo has been working for many years on financial technologies, automated trading in particular, and other areas where performance challenges can be solved in C++. He contributes to open source projects and teaches advanced courses on Software Engineering with emphasis in Generic Programming
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