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Data Visualizations and Internationalization: Make apps for a global audience - Naomi Meyer


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# Data Visualizations and Internationalization Building React custom data visualizations with full international support is not always easy. This past year, Naomi worked to add new data visualizations features and modify legacy visualizations, for an international audience - on her team at Adobe. It’s been a learning process to correctly format strings, numbers, dates, times, currencies, calendars, x/y axis, and more!
In this talk, Naomi shares some of the useful techniques she has learned about customizing data visualizations for a global audience. With a focus on React and high level ideas to keep in mind when designing, coding, testing, internationalizing, and localizing data visualizations for the world!
Naomi Meyer Naomi works as a Software Development Engineer at Adobe in New York City, where she is the product champion for internationalization (i18n) on her team. Before writing JavaScript full time, Naomi worked teaching English as a foreign language in local classrooms across Asia and West Africa. She is passionate about developing with diversity, inclusion, and internationalization (i18n) in mind, and enjoys hiking and riding bikes on the weekends.
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