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Decoding Data Science Job Descriptions


Presented by WWCode CONNECT Forward 2021 Speaker: Tereza Iofciu
It seems like every company wants to hire Data Scientists these days and Data Science is such a broad field that it is not clear from most job descriptions what the role they need is. It is also not clear if they know what role they need or want what they need. It can be really frustrating getting a job only to discover it has nothing to do with what you expected.
There are though so many things one can read between the lines, and from that get some idea about how realistic is the job description, how advanced their data infrastructure, and most importantly to see how
diverse and inclusive their culture is.
In this talk, I will present some of my tricks to analyse companies and jobs. And this is relevant both for people looking for new roles in Data Science and for companies that strive to do better with their job descriptions and culture.
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