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Deep Learning in the browser

NodeJS Machine Learning
11.05.2017 at NodeConfEU


Nikhila Ravi (Facebook)

Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence are becoming ubiquitous in websites, chatbots and mobile apps. While Node.js may not be the language of choice for building and training ML models, it is an excellent option for building the user-facing server layer that brings ML product to life.
In this talk learn about the ways that JS and ML can work together
- we'll show you how to build a chrome extension that runs an ML model in the browser using WebAssembly and WebGPU.
Nikhila is a software engineer at Facebook in Menlo Park. After finishing her degree at Cambridge University she learnt how to code through the Founders and Coders program in London and then went to Harvard to study Computer Science as a Kennedy Memoral Scholar. She enjoys giving talks at conferences and working on side coding projects outside of work.