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Delivering a "Serverless" Service


Serverless promises to change the way we consume software. It allows us to potentially pay for only that which we use and can help drive down operational costs to the minimal amount of resources necessary.
Architecting for Serverless requires a unique look at app logic and the way it is deployed. It takes a combination of the logical and physical worlds and an architectural pattern has emerged where we can scale ephemeral compute separate from services that need to persist.

We use Kubernetes to deliver exactly this.
A “serverless” experience that is driven and enabled by compute pods and storage pods. We also have used our experience running thousands of database clusters on Kubernetes to automate the operational expertise of managing a distributed database.
In this talk, we will take a dive deep into the architecture of our application and share:
- A definition and outline of the challenges of Serverless - How we reworked our logic for a serverless approach - How we use Kubernetes to gain serverless autoscaling
- Jim Walker, Principal Product Evangelist, Cockroach Labs
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