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Designing Svelte Cubed


Disclaimer: I am not the author of svelte-cubed nor participate in designing the svelte-cubed component library. I'm just someone who love Svelte and love to talk about Svelte.
Here we are going to take a look how we can write a component library, like svelte-cubed, wrapping imperative API into a declarative component
#svelte #svelte-cubed
00:00 Introduction 02:26 Imperative threejs code 03:53 svelte-cubed API 04:15 The Canvas component 12:55 The Mesh component 16:18 Using context 21:01 The Camera component 30:54 Let there be light 34:22 Refactor the context 46:13 The Group component 55:39 onFrame lifecycle 59:02 Summary
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