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DevOps Culture Simulation (with Lego and Chocolate Game) by Dana Pylayeva #AgileIndia2020


Organizations today can no longer afford to deliver new features to their respective markets once a year or even once a quarter. In an attempt to catch up with the competition, they jump start their DevOps journey with the "How", while losing the sight of "Why" and "What".
Join this tutorial to gain a solid understanding of fundamental principles of the DevOps culture and avoid typical DevOps anti-patterns.
In this gamified simulation you will become a part of a "large enterprise" and experience how DevOps will help to eliminate silos. You will experience the benefits of cross-training and start adopting systems thinking. You will participate in the debriefing with Liberating Structures and gain valuable insights that can be immediately applied in your organisation.
The workshop is designed to be equally accessible to technical and non-technical audience alike. It bring together years of practical experience in IT, experiential learning models, elements of game design, Lego, Chocolate, and facilitation with Liberating Structures.
Engaging, simple and powerful, this workshop is not to be missed.
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