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DevOps For Application Security

DevOps Security
11.20.2017 at DevOpsDays Warsaw


Krzysztof Kopera (Intelligent Services)

DevOps4AppSecurity - In order not to improve security after the development process, we adapt to DevSecOps, which supports the planning and control of security from the beginning of development and the operation. As a result, we expect that safety oversight is the work of all involved in the development process, and safety is designed and tested on a regular basis. In the presentation we will focus on DevSecOps transformation challenges, we will also analyze real cases where the DevSecOps approach could be an effective remedy for security threats.
Topics include:
1.How the application deployment changed with security in mind: DevOps, security checking automation.
2.Application security and techniques for getting more from application testing.
3.How enterprises are leveraging DevOps to deliver more secure applications faster.
Agile and DevOps Consultant, solution architect and project leader of the development and integration of information systems for the telecommunications industry, insurance and medical services. Expert in business and technical analysis, DevOps, Process Automation, and Application Security. Experienced in development and delivery of business and network support systems for telecommunication, medical imaging solutions for healthcare, and marketing automation for mobile network operators. Privately husband, father of 11 years boy and 8 years girl. Road and x-cross cyclist for hobby.