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Docusign's Road to React

03.28.2018 at ReactJS San Francisco Bay Area meetup

San Francisco

Joe Cocco (Docusign)

Migrating to React can be a long road. It is always better to have some tips before initiate this process. This Matters Tech video provides talks of two engineers at Docusign. Joe Cocco and Claudiu Andrei explain the steps of a successful React migration, based on their own experience at Docusign.
They give you the keys of success, but they also explain the issues at scale. Some pros and cons of Reactjs are revealed in this Matters Meetup too. If you plan a journey to react, you must watch this video, because maybe you didn’t think of hurdles you will have to surmount, like how to integrating React into existing applications.
However, there is a lot of benefits migrating to React. For instance, the goal of Docusign was to give developers the tool to move forward. The two engineers will convince you to make the transition to this Javascript Library.