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Don't Belong in the Club? Dealing with Imposter Syndrome


Presented by WWCode Connect Forward 2021 Speaker: Molly Hetrick
Imposter Syndrome is a phenomenon that most of us have experienced at one point in our lives.
It is the feeling of unworthiness, of being unqualified, that someone made a mistake about you and they will eventually find out.
Additionally, it causes us to believe that our success is due to forces like luck or circumstance, rather than a reflection of our expertise and hard work.
Women and other under-represented groups have a greater tendency to experience IS, primarily because we haven't seen people like ourselves in positions we now occupy.

My learning goals for participants include: 1) know how to identify when you are experiencing IS 2) learn strategies for mitigating the impact of IS on your work and performance 3) understand how to support your colleagues in managing IS
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