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Don't Fail Fast -Learn Fast: Innovating Fast is a Must by Jutta Eckstein & John Buck #AgileIndia2020


Often in agile working environments, people aim for failing fast. Yet failure is not the goal - learning is. Failure can lead to learning and so can other approaches. It can lead beyond continuous improvement to transformative learning: seeing your situation from a whole new framework in a way that lets you learn by leaps of insight.
In this workshop we present specific ways to probe, using hypothesis, and experiments will help you and your team to learn fast. This approach provides a way to get into the mindset of learning and thus always developing.
Usually a failure is to do nothing... or to do anything (blindly). The key even for big issues is to make small bets (hypothesis) and learn through experiments what's the impact. So, gain insights by (in)validating the bet. In summary it's about thinking big but acting small (and safely). Note, that every great idea, every innovation is at first a guess or rather a hypothesis and only experiments allow us to find out if our idea is really as great as we thought at first.
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