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Don't Fly Blind - Implementing Effective Application Instrumentation - John Garland


While continuous integration and continuous delivery are key practices of a successful devops culture, monitoring applications to gain critical insight into what needs to be built and delivered is equally important. Without good data about a system's applications, making decisions regarding where to invest resources is largely either left to the loudest voices in the room or a random game of chance. Application Performance Management (APM) solutions are automated application monitoring tools that gather, aggregate, and present application telemetry to provide this data - an increasingly important part of application design and deployment.
In this talk we will explore the APM capabilities of Azure Application Insights. We will see how it integrates to collect several different kinds of data from an application's components, reviewing some practical hints and best practices based on real-world experience. From there, we will examine the included tools that can be used to troubleshoot misbehaving applications, as well as to gain deep insights into other aspects of the application's behavior. We'll also explore ways that the telemetry data can be surfaced to provide early warnings and alerts, at-a-glance dashboards, and data integration with other tools. Finally, we'll look at the rich extensibility and customization options that Azure Application Insights offers and see how they can be used to tailor the tool to your specific application telemetry needs.
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