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Don't Mix Up Our Stuff!! Empathy Interviews - Clean Language by Ricardo Abella #AgileIndia2020


Design Thinking is one of the best tools available to create products and services with the potential to satisfy people's needs.
Since it is a human-centered process, empathy interviews are the most common technique for collecting data.
If you want to obtain amazing results, pay full attention and focus on the quality of the information you collect! The more accurate and authentic it is, the more solid and mind-blowing insights you will obtain to guide your ideation phase.
But be careful!
1) Specialized books and articles have plenty of examples of questionnaires and structured interviews full of leading questions.
2) As interviewers, we tend to contaminate our research with our own metaphors, interpretations, suggestions, mind-reading, references and/or unwarranted assumptions.
3) Interviewees unconsciously look for hidden cues on the questions about how to answer them -conformity, social influence, group pressure.
Interviewer: 'We know change is hard and transitions are always tough. What kind of impact has the new system had? How has this impacted your daily life?'
Interviewee: 'I thought the new system was awesome, but now that you mention it, it definitely has had a very large impact...'
Do you want to obtain reliable information? Or more useful and accurate results? Or minimizing the chances of influencing and compromising data authenticity with your bias? CLEAN LANGUAGE is a great tool for this. It's not a language and it's not about language; it's not even about speaking clearly, using fancy jargon or swearing.
If you want to understand people, how they think and feel, their emotions, passions, frustrations, challenges and dreams, do not miss this workshop. You will have an opportunity to learn, practice and also have fun.
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