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Drawing from Psychotherapy to Enrich Agile Coaching by Arundhati Dutta #AgileIndia2020


What does agile have to do with psychotherapy? It turns out quite a lot. If you think about it, ultimately agile is about working closely with people and working closely with people requires our understanding of each other. That's where psychotherapy comes in. Psychotherapy is the science and art of working well with each other, of understanding ourselves and the other person at a deeper level. I hold a masters in clinical psychotherapy (MSW) from New York University and have worked with 5000+ clients to provide coaching/advisory. As a startup founder, I also have hands on experience of applying agile methodologies at my startup. I combine all of that knowledge and experience in this interactive session to cover concepts such as empathy, self limiting beliefs and cognitive biases and how it impacts us and our teams.
Join me for a fun session that is designed by drawing from the latest brain science research to help you learn effectively through interactivity and activities.
By the end of the session, you'll have a clear picture of the importance of concepts like empathy, self-limiting beliefs, systems thinking and cognitive biases and their significance in individual and team performance. And you won't just learn concepts, you'll take back concrete ideas to implement in your teams starting the next day!
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