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Drinking from the Fire Hose: Keeping up with the evolving landscape of C++ - Brian Ruth - CppCon

English --- For years, there was silence, then, in 2011, it all changed. Now, C++ is being continually updated and best practices keep evolving. How does a working engineer keep up with all of this? I'll share some tips I've used over the past decade to convince people I know what I'm talking about.
--- Brian has been programming in C++ for 20+ years; working for both small and large companies on a wide variety of projects and technologies. For over a decade he worked with neuroscience researchers and created high speed acquisition, analysis and visualization software. He is currently a senior software engineer at Garmin, developing embedded devices and migrating legacy modules to C++. When he isn’t knee deep in code, he is enjoying a home brewed beer or building some furniture. He has been a volunteer at CppCon since 2015.
--- Streamed & Edited by Digital Medium Ltd - [email protected]