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Easy Vue.js Authentication with Auth0

10.18.2017 at Chicago Vue.js


Ryan Chenkie (Auth0)

Authentication for single page apps can be challenging. We need to protect client-side routes, send authentication information in XHR requests to our backend, handle redirections when users become logged out, and much more. Auth0 simplifies a lot of the details and allows us to add authentication to a Vue.js app in a snap. Let's take a look at how it works! Ryan Chenkie is a full-stack JavaScript developer and works mostly with Angular and Node. He's a Google Developer Expert, Developer Advocate at Auth0, and also runs , a screencast site offering end-to-end Angular and JavaScript training. As a Developer Advocate at Auth0 and Google Developer Expert, Ryan educates developers and engineering teams around the world on authentication and identity topics. Whether it be through conference talks, screencasts, blogposts, or webinars, he's dedicated to providing thorough guidance on how to add authentication to applications while ensuring that it's done securely.